SmartyCam HD Rev. 2
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Spare parts
V02566070 – CAN harness - L = 2 mt
V02566060 – CAN harness - L = 4 mt
V02566150 – External power harness - L = 2 mt
ECU Bridge
ECU Bridge
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RPM Bridge
RPM Bridge
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GPS Module
XSMGPS05S2 – SmartyCam GPS with 2 mt harness
XSMGPS05S4 – SmartyCam GPS with 4 mt harness
Cable + external microphone
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Kit staffe
Bracket kits
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Glass replacement kit
X98KVOCHD0 – Glass replacement kit
The kit includes the Schott B270 glass and his o-ring OR30X1
X98KVDCHD0 – Display glass replacement kit
Methacrylate anti-glare anti-scratch protection
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